What Size Tires For A Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular SUV with a range of tire sizes available depending on the specific model and trim level. The most common tire size for the Jeep Grand Cherokee is 265/60R18, which is often used on the Limited, Overland, and Summit trims. However, there are several other tire sizes that are also compatible with the Grand Cherokee.

If you are driving a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the tire size will depend on the trim level of your vehicle. The Laredo, Laredo E, and Upland trims come with 245/70R17 tires, while the Limited, Trailhawk, Overland, High Altitude, Summit, and SRT models come with 265/60R18 tires. The top-of-the-line Trackhawk has 295/45ZR20 tires.

It is important to keep in mind that changing tire sizes can affect your Jeep’s performance and handling. Installing a larger tire size can improve ground clearance, but it can also affect acceleration and braking, as well as fuel economy. On the other hand, smaller tire sizes can provide better handling and fuel efficiency, but may reduce ground clearance.

When choosing a tire size for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is important to consider your driving needs and preferences. If you frequently drive on rough terrain or off-road, a larger tire size may be beneficial. If you are primarily driving on roads or highways, a smaller tire size may be more appropriate.

In addition to tire size, it is important to select a tire that is appropriate for your driving conditions and style. Tires with a higher performance rating and better traction may be more suitable for aggressive driving or off-road use, while tires with a lower performance rating may be better for casual daily driving.

Ultimately, the best tire size for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will depend on a variety of factors. Consider your driving style, driving conditions, and the specific trim level of your vehicle when selecting a tire size. Be sure to consult a tire professional if you have any questions or concerns.

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