What Size Tires For A 2014 Ford Escape

The 2014 Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV that offers a smooth and comfortable ride, along with impressive fuel efficiency. There are several tire sizes that are compatible with this vehicle, depending on the model and trim level.

The base model of the 2014 Ford Escape comes with 17-inch wheels with 235/55R17 tires. This is the most common tire size for this vehicle, and it provides a good balance of performance and comfort on both city streets and highways. If you need to replace your tires, you can choose the same size recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

However, if you want to upgrade your tires for better traction, handling, or appearance, there are other options to consider. For example, if you have a Ford Escape Titanium, which is a higher trim level, it comes standard with 19-inch wheels with 235/45R19 tires. These tires offer better grip on the road and a sportier look, but they may also be more expensive and less comfortable than the smaller tires.

Another option to consider is switching to all-season or winter tires for better performance in different weather conditions. All-season tires are designed to perform well in a variety of weather conditions, including wet, dry, and light snow. Winter tires, on the other hand, are optimized for cold temperatures and heavy snow, and they perform better than all-season tires when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Whether you choose to stick with the stock tire size or upgrade to a different size or type, it’s important to make sure that the tires you choose are compatible with your vehicle and meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Choosing the right tires can make a big difference in the safety, comfort, and performance of your 2014 Ford Escape.

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