What Size Tires Does A Infiniti G35

The Infiniti G35 was a sports sedan that was manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 2002 to 2007. Like most vehicles, the Infiniti G35 came with different wheel and tire sizes depending on the year, trim, and package.

The 2002-2004 Infiniti G35 models were equipped with 17-inch wheels and tires. The standard tire size for these models was 215/55R17, but certain trims came with wider and performance-oriented tires like 225/45R17 or 235/45R17. The 2005-2006 G35 models had optional 18-inch wheels, which came with different tire sizes such as 225/45R18 or 245/45R18. The 2007 Infiniti G35 came standard with 18-inch wheels and tires of size 225/50R18.

It is worth noting that tire sizes and wheel designs may vary depending on the local market and the manufacturer’s optional packages. Moreover, owners may choose to upgrade or downsize their tires, as long as the new tire size fits the car’s overall wheel diameter, width, and clearance.

Selecting the right tire size for a car depends on various factors, such as the weather conditions, driving style, handling preferences, and budget. Generally, wider and lower-profile tires are ideal for performance-oriented driving, as they offer better traction, grip, and handling at higher speeds. However, such tires may compromise the ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and durability, especially on rough roads or in extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, it is always essential to consult the car’s owner manual, tire manufacturer’s specification, and professional tire installers to determine the appropriate tire size and type that suit your driving needs, ensure optimal safety and performance, and comply with local traffic laws and regulations.

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