What Size Tires Are On A 2020 Ram 1500

The answer to the question “What Size Tires Are On A 2020 Ram 1500?” depends on the trim level and options selected.

The base trim level Ram 1500 comes with 18-inch wheels and P265/60R18 all-season tires. This size is also available on the Tradesman and Big Horn trim levels, with the option for larger 20-inch wheels and P275/55R20 all-season tires.

The Lone Star and Laramie trim levels come standard with 18-inch wheels and 275/65R18 all-season tires. The Laramie Longhorn and Limited trim levels feature 20-inch wheels and either P275/55R20 all-season tires or 275/55R20 all-terrain tires.

For those who opt for the off-road-oriented Rebel trim level, the truck comes with 18-inch wheels and 275/70R18 all-terrain tires. The Rebel also has the option for larger 33-inch tires on 18-inch wheels with the available off-road package.

It’s worth noting that tire size can be changed on a Ram 1500, so if you’re looking to upgrade your tires, make sure to consult with a tire professional to ensure that the new size will fit your truck and driving needs.

In summary, the tire size on a 2020 Ram 1500 can range from P265/60R18 on the base models to 33-inch all-terrain tires on the Rebel trim level with the off-road package. The tire size can be changed, so consult with a tire professional before making any modifications.

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