What Size Tires Are On A 2019 Ford Escape

The 2019 Ford Escape has three available tire sizes, depending on the trim level and options selected. The S, SE, and Titanium trims all come with 17-inch tires as standard. These tires have a size designation of P235/55R17, indicating a width of 235 millimeters, a sidewall height of 55% of the width, and a rim diameter of 17 inches. The specific model of tire is the Michelin Premier LTX, which is an all-season tire designed for comfort and stability in a variety of weather conditions.

The SE and Titanium trims also offer an optional 19-inch tire upgrade. These tires have a size of P235/45R19, meaning they are slightly narrower but have a lower aspect ratio (45% of the width) and a larger rim diameter of 19 inches. These tires are also Michelin Premier LTX models, but with a higher load rating to handle the increased weight of the larger wheels.

Finally, the Titanium trim offers an optional 18-inch wheel with a tire size of P235/50R18. These tires have a width and aspect ratio between the 17-inch and 19-inch tires, and a rim diameter of 18 inches. The specific tire model for this option is the Continental ContiProContact, which is a high-performance tire designed for sportier driving and improved handling.

Overall, the tire sizes on the 2019 Ford Escape are carefully chosen to provide a balance between comfort, performance, and versatility. Drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency and a smooth ride may prefer the base 17-inch tires, while those who want a sportier feel or improved off-road capability may opt for the 19-inch or 18-inch tire options. Regardless of the choice, all of these tires are designed to deliver confident handling, strong braking, and long-lasting durability.

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