What Size Tires Are On A 2017 Ford Escape

The 2017 Ford Escape came equipped with several different tire sizes, depending on the specific model and trim package that was purchased. The base model, known as the S, came with 17-inch tires as standard. These were either all-season tires or summer tires, depending on the climate in which the vehicle was sold. The SE and Titanium trims featured slightly larger 18-inch tires, and these again were offered with either summer or all-season tire options. Finally, the top-of-the-line Escape, the Platinum, came with 19-inch all-season tires, giving it a more imposing look and better performance on rough terrain.

The specific size of the tires on the 2017 Escape varied according to the trim level and wheel configuration. The 17-inch tires on the S model had a tire size of 235/55R17, meaning they were 235 millimeters wide, with a “aspect ratio” of 55 (meaning the sidewall was 55% of the width of the tire), and they fitted onto 17-inch rims. The 18-inch tires on the SE and Titanium models had a tire size of 235/50R18, meaning they were slightly wider than those on the S, with a lower profile sidewall for better handling. The 19-inch tires on the Platinum model were wider still, with a tire size of 235/45R19.

It is important to note that while the tire size and width can affect various factors such as fuel efficiency and ride quality, it is always important to use the size of tire recommended by the manufacturer. Deviating from the recommended specifications can lead to problems with performance and safety, including reduced steering and handling, excessive wear on the tires, and in some cases, even accidents. Therefore, when replacing tires on a 2017 Ford Escape, it is recommended to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended size and specification.

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