What Size Tires Are On A 2015 Chevy Malibu


The 2015 Chevy Malibu is a popular mid-size sedan that offers a comfortable ride and excellent fuel efficiency. If you own a 2015 Chevy Malibu or are planning to purchase one, you may be wondering what size tires it requires. In this article, we will go over the size of tires that are recommended for this vehicle.

Tire Size for the 2015 Chevy Malibu

The standard tire size for the 2015 Chevy Malibu is P225/55R17. This means that the tire has a width of 225 millimeters, an aspect ratio of 55, and a diameter of 17 inches. This tire size is recommended by Chevrolet and is the size that comes pre-installed on the vehicle when it leaves the factory.

When it comes to aftermarket tires, there are a few different sizes that will fit the 2015 Chevy Malibu. Some owners may opt for slightly larger or smaller tires depending on their preferences. However, it is important to choose a tire size that is approved by Chevrolet and meets the vehicle’s specifications for load, speed, and performance.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Tire Size

Choosing the correct tire size for your 2015 Chevy Malibu is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that your vehicle handles and performs as it was intended. A tire that is too large or too small can negatively affect acceleration, braking, and overall handling. It can also impact fuel efficiency and put unnecessary strain on the vehicle’s suspension system.

Additionally, choosing the right tire size can improve safety. Tires that are the correct size provide proper alignment, which is essential for maintaining control of the vehicle and preventing accidents. Over or under-sized tires can also affect the accuracy of the vehicle’s speedometer and odometer, which can lead to inaccurate readings.


In summary, the recommended tire size for the 2015 Chevy Malibu is P225/55R17. This size fits the vehicle’s specifications and offers optimal handling, performance, and safety. While aftermarket tire options may be available, it is important to select a tire that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations. Selecting the right tire size can enhance the overall driving experience and ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s components.

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