What Size Tire For Nissan Altima 2015

What Size Tire For Nissan Altima 2015

If you own a Nissan Altima 2015, it’s essential to know the correct size tire to maintain your vehicle’s performance. Driving with the wrong tire size may affect the speedometer’s accuracy, fuel economy, and cause suspension problems. In this article, we’ll look at what size tires fit Nissan Altima 2015 and what each number represents.

Tire Dimensions

Before discussing which tire sizes are suitable for a Nissan Altima 2015, let’s understand tire dimensions. Tires have a combination of numbers and letters on their sidewalls that signify their size, type, and performance ratings. The following is an example of how tire sizes are represented:

P225/60R18 95H

– P – Indicates tire type
– 225 – Represents tire width in millimeters
– 60 – Represents aspect ratio (the percentage of tire height to tire width)
– R – Represents radial tire construction
– 18 – Represents wheel diameter size in inches
– 95 – Represents the tire’s load index
– H – Represents the tire’s speed rating

Suitable Tire Sizes for Nissan Altima 2015

The Nissan Altima 2015 comes in different models, which require different tire sizes. The following are the most common tire sizes for Nissan Altima 2015:

1. 215/60R16

This tire size is compatible with the Nissan Altima 2.5, 2.5 S, 2.5 SV, and 2.5 SL models. The tire dimensions represent the following:

– 215 millimeters (tire width)
– 60% (aspect ratio)
– 16 inches (wheel diameter)

2. 235/45R18

This tire size is compatible with the Nissan Altima 3.5 S, 3.5 SV, and 3.5 SL models. The tire dimensions represent the following:

– 235 millimeters (tire width)
– 45% (aspect ratio)
– 18 inches (wheel diameter)

Tips for Choosing the Right Tires

When selecting tires for your Nissan Altima 2015, consider the following:

1. Seasonal Changes

Ensure you have the right tire for each season. Summer tires offer high performance in dry and hot conditions, while winter tires offer better traction in snow and wet conditions.

2. Driving Conditions

Consider the type of road surfaces you usually drive on. For off-road and rough terrain, all-terrain tires or mud tires are perfect. For city driving and highways, all-season tires or touring tires work well.

3. Tire Ratings

Purchase tires with good ratings for stability, handling, comfort, and durability. Look for ratings from reputable sources such as Consumer Reports, J.D. Power, and Tire Rack.


Choosing the right size tire for your Nissan Altima 2015 is crucial for your car’s performance and safety. Ensure you understand tire dimensions and select the appropriate tire size for your car’s model. Additionally, consider seasonal changes, driving conditions, and tire ratings when choosing tires.

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