what is a group of chickens called

What is a Group of Chickens Called?

What is a Group of Chickens Called?


Chickens are fascinating creatures that play a significant role in many cultures and provide various resources like meat and eggs. While we commonly refer to a single chicken as just that, have you ever wondered what a group of chickens is called? This article will explore the different terms used to describe a flock or group of these delightful birds.

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1. Flock

The most commonly used term for a group of chickens is a “flock.” This word describes any collection of chickens in a general sense. A flock can consist of any number of chickens, from just a few to hundreds, depending on the context and purpose. For example, a backyard chicken keeper might refer to their small group of hens as a flock.

2. Brood

When specifically referring to a group of chickens with a mother hen and her offspring, the term “brood” is often used. A brood typically consists of a hen and her chicks, which she protects, nurtures, and guides. It’s a heartwarming sight to witness a brood of baby chicks trailing closely behind their mother as they explore their surroundings.

3. Clutch or Clutching

The term “clutch” is used to describe a group of chickens sitting on eggs to incubate them. It can also refer to a group of eggs in the process of hatching. Typically, a clutch consists of a hen or multiple hens sharing the responsibility of keeping the eggs warm and safe until they hatch into adorable chicks.

4. Peep

When baby chickens hatch at the same time and are being raised together, they are often referred to as a “peep.” This term is derived from the sound that baby chicks make, as they emit a high-pitched peeping sound. A peep can also include a broody mother hen and her chicks, emphasizing the close bond between them.

5. Battery

In modern poultry farming practices, where chickens are often raised in intensive systems, a large group of confined chickens is sometimes referred to as a “battery”. While this term carries a negative connotation due to the confinement and crowded conditions in battery farming, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of promoting ethical and humane treatment of chickens.


From a flock to a brood, chickens can be seen in various groupings based on their age, purpose, and living conditions. It’s interesting to explore the different terms used to describe these fascinating birds, highlighting their significance in our lives and the different ways in which they are reared. Next time you encounter a group of chickens, you’ll be armed with the appropriate terminology to describe them!

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