what has msg in it crossword

What Has MSG in It Crossword

What Has MSG in It Crossword


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly used in various processed foods to intensify their taste. However, some people may be sensitive to MSG and experience physical symptoms like headaches or sweating after consuming foods containing it. If you’re looking to avoid MSG, it’s important to know what ingredients or products commonly contain it. To help you, we have created a crossword puzzle with clues related to foods that often have MSG in them. Have fun solving it while expanding your knowledge about MSG-containing items!

What Has MSG in It Crossword

Across Down
1. Popular condiment made from fermented soybeans 1. Type of processed meat often used on pizzas
3. Instant noodles brand known for its distinct flavors 2. Canned soup brand that includes a variety of flavors
4. Baked goods that are frequently made with additives 3. Crispy snack made from fried cornmeal
6. Popular Asian cuisine dish often containing MSG 5. Artificial sweetener found in many diet foods
7. Sauces commonly used in Chinese cuisine 8. Soft drink that has a combination of caffeine and artificial sweeteners


Understanding which foods or products contain MSG is essential if you are trying to avoid it due to concerns or sensitivities. This crossword puzzle provides a fun way to expand your knowledge about MSG-containing items, ensuring you are more informed about what ingredients to look out for. By making informed choices, you can maintain a diet that suits your needs and preferences. Remember, it’s always beneficial to read labels carefully and explore alternatives that suit your dietary requirements.

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