what happened to ridge forrester\’s hand

What Happened to Ridge Forrester’s Hand

What Happened to Ridge Forrester’s Hand


Ridge Forrester, one of the iconic characters in the popular soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” has had his fair share of dramatic storylines. In one particular storyline, Ridge faced a tragic incident that left his hand severely injured. Let’s delve into what happened to Ridge Forrester’s hand and how it impacted his life.

The Accident

Ridge Forrester’s hand injury came as a result of a horrific helicopter crash. The mishap occurred during a business trip when Ridge, along with several other characters, was traveling in a helicopter that unexpectedly crashed. The accident was a major turning point in Ridge’s life, as it caused him to lose his ability to use his hand fully.

The Medical Diagnosis

Immediately following the accident, Ridge was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent extensive medical evaluation. The doctors diagnosed him with severe damage to the nerves and tendons in his hand. The injury was so significant that it required multiple surgeries and an extensive rehabilitation process.

Emotional and Psychological Impact

Aside from the physical challenges, Ridge’s hand injury had a profound emotional and psychological impact on him. As a successful fashion designer, Ridge’s hands were his most valuable tools. Losing the ability to create and design with the same dexterity affected him deeply, causing frustration, anger, and a loss of identity.

Rehabilitation and Adaptation

Ridge’s journey towards recovery was long and filled with obstacles. He underwent numerous surgeries and worked tirelessly with therapists to regain some functionality in his hand. The process involved intense physical therapy, occupational therapy, and numerous experimental treatments.

Assistive Devices

To aid in his adaptation, Ridge started using assistive devices such as hand splints and special tools designed for individuals with limited hand mobility. These tools allowed him to continue working in the fashion industry, albeit in a different capacity. Ridge’s resilience and determination to overcome his limitations were commendable.

Ridge’s New Perspective

Despite the life-altering consequences of his hand injury, Ridge’s journey taught him invaluable lessons. It forced him to confront his ego and reevaluate what truly mattered in life. With the support of his loved ones and his own resilience, Ridge found a renewed sense of purpose and learned to value his abilities beyond his physical limitations.

Inspiration for Others

Ridge’s story of overcoming adversity became an inspiration for many viewers. The way he handled his injury, the determination he displayed in adapting to his new reality, and the emotional growth he experienced resonated with audiences worldwide. Ridge’s journey served as a reminder that setbacks can lead to personal growth and inner strength.

The Impact on Relationships

Ridge’s hand injury affected his relationships both personally and professionally. It strained his romantic relationship with his partner, Brooke Logan, as he struggled to navigate his emotional turmoil. Additionally, the injury impacted his professional life, causing friction in the fashion industry and leading to conflicts with business associates.

Love and Support

Despite the challenges, Ridge had a strong support system. Family and friends stood by his side, offering love, encouragement, and understanding. The journey allowed him to deepen his connections and appreciate the power of unconditional love.


Ridge Forrester’s hand injury was a pivotal moment in his life, leading him on a path of self-discovery, resilience, and personal growth. The accident served as a catalyst for change, challenging Ridge to redefine himself beyond his physical limitations. The storyline resonated with fans who followed Ridge’s journey, ultimately reminding us all of the strength of the human spirit.

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