what happened to artsporn.com

What Happened to Artsporn.com

What Happened to Artsporn.com


Artsporn.com was a popular online platform that showcased and promoted various forms of artistic expression, including visual arts, music, writing, and more. It provided a space for artists to share their work and connect with a wider audience. However, the website’s journey took an unexpected turn, leading to its demise.


Artsporn.com was founded in 2010 by a group of passionate artists who wanted to create a digital platform to support emerging talents and foster creativity. The website gained traction over the years, attracting a vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts.

Revitalization Efforts

In 2018, Artsporn.com underwent a major redesign, aiming to enhance user experience and offer new features. The revamped website introduced a modern interface, improved search functionality, and incorporated social media integration to enable easy sharing of artwork.

Challenges and Controversies

Unfortunately, as with any online platform, Artsporn.com faced its fair share of challenges and controversies. It struggled with issues related to copyright infringement, unauthorized sharing of explicit content, and inadequate moderation of user-submitted artworks.

Legal Battles

The copyright infringement issues posed significant legal challenges for Artsporn.com. Several artists and copyright holders filed lawsuits against the platform for featuring their artwork without permission or proper attribution. These legal battles resulted in heavy financial burdens and damaged the platform’s reputation.

Decline and Closure

Due to the legal battles and controversies, Artsporn.com saw a steady decline in both user engagement and financial viability. The platform struggled to maintain its user base and attract new artists. As a result, the website announced its closure in early 2020.

Legacy and Reflection

While the demise of Artsporn.com marked the end of an era, it served as a lesson for similar platforms regarding the importance of copyright protection and diligent content moderation. It highlighted the need for a balance between fostering creativity and respecting artists’ rights.


Artsporn.com was once a thriving online platform that brought together artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. However, due to the challenges it faced, particularly related to copyright infringement and inadequate moderation, the website ultimately had to shut down. The legacy of Artsporn.com lives on as a reminder of the complex issues that can arise when artistic expression and digital platforms intertwine.


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