what happened to angie on outlast

What Happened to Angie in Outlast

What Happened to Angie in Outlast


Outlast is a popular first-person survival horror game developed and published by Red Barrels. The game takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, Mount Massive Asylum, where players assume the role of investigative journalist Miles Upshur. Throughout the game, players encounter a variety of disturbing characters, one of whom is Angie.

Angie’s Introduction

Angie is a minor character in Outlast, but her presence in the game leaves a lasting impact on players. She is an inmate confined to a wheelchair, and her backstory reveals that she suffers from severe mental illness. Angie is frequently seen obsessively folding laundry and muttering to herself in a corner.

Angie’s Role in the Game

As players explore the asylum, they stumble upon various notes and documents that provide insights into Angie’s condition. It becomes apparent that she has been subjected to cruel experiments and mistreatment at the hands of the asylum staff. These experiments, combined with her mental state, have caused Angie to become an unsettling and unpredictable character.

Encounters with Angie

Players encounter Angie on multiple occasions throughout the game. Typically, she is found in secluded corners or hidden rooms, often guarded by her wheelchair. Upon spotting the player, she emits eerie sounds and unpredictable movements, creating a sense of unease and tension.

Angie’s Influence on the Atmosphere

The presence of Angie enhances the horror element in Outlast. Her distorted behavior and the disturbing atmosphere of the asylum make encounters with her deeply unsettling. Her appearances contribute to the overall sense of dread and fear that permeates the game.

The Fate of Angie

Eventually, players come across Angie’s lifeless body, suggesting that she either succumbed to her mental illness or fell victim to the numerous dangers lurking within the asylum. The exact circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, leaving players to speculate on her tragic fate.

Angie’s Symbolic Significance

Angie’s character serves as a symbol of the horrors inflicted upon the patients within Mount Massive Asylum. Her story highlights the inhumane treatment and neglect suffered by the mentally ill. By including Angie, Outlast raises awareness about the mistreatment of vulnerable individuals in psychiatric institutions.


Angie’s presence in Outlast adds a chilling layer to the already terrifying atmosphere of the game. Her tragic backstory and unsettling encounters contribute to the game’s overall sense of horror. Angie serves as a haunting reminder of the dark secrets and brutal mistreatment that can occur within mental health institutions.

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