what happened to amagansett press

What Happened to Amagansett Press?

What Happened to Amagansett Press?


Amagansett Press, a popular YouTube channel focused on investigative journalism and alternative news, has been in the spotlight lately due to some significant events that occurred. This article aims to shed light on what happened to Amagansett Press and the aftermath of those events.

The Demonetization

In early 2021, YouTube demonetized Amagansett Press, preventing the channel from earning ad revenue. This decision raised concerns among many supporters and fellow YouTubers who believed that the demonetization was unfair and politically motivated.

Content Removal

Following the demonetization, Amagansett Press faced further setbacks when YouTube started removing several of their videos under their community guidelines violations. The channel’s followers expressed their frustration and disappointment regarding the removal of content they found valuable and thought-provoking.

Censorship Allegations

Amagansett Press openly criticized the actions taken by YouTube, accusing the platform of engaging in censorship and silencing voices that challenge mainstream narratives. This sparked debates and discussions, raising concerns about the freedom of speech on online platforms.

The Birth of Alternate Channels

In response to the challenges faced on YouTube, Amagansett Press created alternative channels on other video-sharing platforms, such as BitChute and Odysee. These channels served as a means to continue their work and connect with their audience without the risk of content removal or demonetization.

Support from the Community

Amagansett Press received tremendous support from their loyal community and fellow content creators, who actively shared their videos on social media, donated on crowdfunding platforms, and expressed solidarity during these turbulent times. The overwhelming support helped Amagansett Press to rebuild and adapt in the face of challenges.

The Future of Amagansett Press

Despite the obstacles faced, Amagansett Press remains determined to continue sharing their investigative journalism and alternative news. The channel’s followers continue to engage, discuss, and support their content, ensuring that their voices are heard even in the face of adversity.


The story of Amagansett Press showcases the challenges faced by independent content creators in the evolving landscape of social media platforms. It highlights the ongoing debate surrounding freedom of speech, censorship, and the power of alternative voices. The impact of Amagansett Press’s experiences will continue to shape the conversation around online journalism and the need for a fair and open digital space.


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