what are a group of chickens called

What are a Group of Chickens called?


Chickens, the domesticated birds that provide us with eggs and meat, often live in flocks or groups. These groups have a specific name, which varies depending on the age and composition of the flock. In this article, we will explore the different names used to refer to a group of chickens.

A Brood of Chickens

A group of baby chickens, also known as chicks, is called a brood. When mother hens incubate and hatch their eggs, they keep their chicks close by, protecting and nurturing them. The brood usually stays together until the chicks grow older and gain independence.

A Clutch of Chickens

When referring to a group of eggs, either fertile or collected for consumption, the term “clutch” is often used. Chickens lay their eggs in nests or designated spots, and when multiple eggs are kept together, it is considered a clutch. These eggs can later hatch into a brood of chicks or be used for various purposes.

A Flock of Chickens

As chickens reach maturity, they form larger groups known as flocks. A flock typically consists of multiple hens and a rooster. In a natural setting, flocks provide safety and companionship to chickens. They can also facilitate social interactions and establish a hierarchy within the group.

A Peep of Chickens

Another term used to describe a group of young chicks is a “peep.” This name is particularly associated with the sound that baby chickens make, commonly known as peeping. A peep of chicks is a cute and endearing sight, often observed in hatcheries, farmyards, or during educational farm visits.

A Colony of Chickens

In some contexts, such as large-scale commercial poultry farming, an extensive group of chickens can be referred to as a colony. A colony usually comprises hundreds or even thousands of chickens housed together within a controlled environment. This term highlights the high density and sheer number of chickens in such settings.


In summary, a group of chickens can be called different names based on their age and the circumstances they are in. From a brood of baby chicks to a flock of mature chickens, each term brings unique associations and meanings. Whether they are gathered in a small backyard coop or reside within vast commercial colonies, chickens continue to play a vital role in our lives.

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