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What a Sonogram Might Show | Crossword

What a Sonogram Might Show


A sonogram, also known as an ultrasound, is a medical imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. It is commonly used during pregnancy to monitor the health and development of the fetus. In this crossword puzzle, we will explore some of the things that a sonogram might show. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Let’s get started!


Read the clues and fill in the crossword puzzle accordingly. The answers can be found in the descriptions below each clue. Have fun!

Crossword Puzzle

Down Across

1. This might be the first thing you see on a sonogram. It indicates that a baby is on the way.

Answer: Pregnancy

1. A sonogram can reveal the presence of these tiny flickers, indicating a heartbeat.

Answer: Fetal heartbeats

2. This term refers to multiple babies developing in the womb at the same time.

Answer: Twins

2. A sonogram can provide an estimate of this, indicating how far along the pregnancy is.

Answer: Gestational age

3. The gender of the baby can sometimes be determined through this type of sonogram.

Answer: Gender reveal

3. This is a protective fluid surrounding the fetus in the amniotic sac.

Answer: Amniotic fluid

4. Sonograms can show the position of the placenta, which refers to this condition when it is lower than normal.

Answer: Placenta previa

4. These are the tiny bones that make up a baby’s skeleton, which can be seen on a sonogram.

Answer: Fetal bones


A sonogram, or ultrasound, is a powerful medical tool that provides valuable information about pregnancy and fetal development. Through this crossword puzzle, we have explored some of the things that a sonogram might show, from the presence of a pregnancy and fetal heartbeats to the position of the placenta and the gender reveal. Understanding and interpreting sonogram images can help medical professionals monitor the health of both mother and baby. We hope you enjoyed this crossword and learned something new in the process!

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