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Father Fires Gun To Scare Sons Into Doing Chores

Fox News is reporting that a 71-year-old Albuquerque father says he fired a gun after his two adult sons refused to do their chores. Sammy Shannon calls it a form of discipline.

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Fake Holiday Cash Ruse Nabs Fugitives

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart recently came up with a brilliant idea to catch criminals that are wanted by the law. He set up a fake holiday cash ruse that led to the arrest of 230 suspects on warrants for forgery, aggravated battery and other crimes.

Fake Cop Busted After Pulling Over Real Cop

Police say a Connecticut man impersonating a police officer picked the wrong person to pull over. The fake cop, Israel Gomez was arrested Tuesday after pulling over an off-duty Hartford police lieutenant. Apparently Gomez turned on flashing lights and used a siren and loudspeaker to coax police Lt. Ronald Bair off the road.