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Craziest Criminal Takedowns Ever [Video]

We all love justice being served — especially when the footage is captured on tape and the bad guy goes down really really hard. Below is a choice selection of videos showing police owning criminals in a collection of the craziest takedowns.

1. Text Book Takedown

Topping the list are the guys that are doing it right – check out this footage of the Paladin private security cops regulating on a big guy that can probably hold his own in the streets. Watch them take him down without a problem.

2. Wam Bam Throat Slam

The Las Vegas Police Department probably sees their fair share of blackout drunks and crack-powered immortals. In this clip, the LVPD responds to an incident and when the criminal won’t cooperate, the officer shows him who’s boss with an epic throat slam onto the pavement.

3. Dancing with the Cars

Topping the list as one of the better high-speed chases, this lady throws caution to the wind and leads OC police officers this way and that. Though she eventually gets caught, she shows some major improvisational skills and doesn’t go down without a fight. Very entertaining!

4. Future Enforcers of America

Okay, these might not be the most legitimate police takedowns but these future enforcers deserve a time to shine. For all you criminals out there, beware, these guys are on the same level as Batman and I’d hate for you to meet on the wrong terms in a dark alley.

5. If You Can’t Beat Em, Run Em Over

It’s true what they say: The pen is mightier than the sword and the police cruiser is mightier than the human body. This might not be a man-on-man physical altercation but it still deserves a place amongst the craziest criminal takedowns.

6. Play of the Week

This guy is probably thinking he’s pretty tough with his big scary dog until a police officer makes an ESPN highlight out of him. Reminiscent of a receiver catching a ball over the middle, check out this police officer making the Play of the Week reel with his impressive form tackle.

7. Mall Cop 1, Skater 0

Skaters are widely known for their anti-establishment mentalities but on this occasion, they messed with the wrong guy. When this mall cop shows up on the scene, they don’t pay him much respect, that is, until he makes an example out of the ringleader. The fight in general is somewhat sloppy but the first body-slam sends a message and the skater never landed a punch – try as he might.

8. You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round

This is a bizarre police chase because you’ll see the police execute some textbook car-bumps to spin-out the convict; however, the criminal cunningly retaliates with some textbook techniques of his own – somehow he just keeps going and going. Apparently the chase went on for about 40 minutes before he was eventually nailed.

9. Compilation of Combat

In this final compilation, you’ll see some impressive displays of policemen doing what they do best – owning punks. Be sure to watch the full video because some of the best action is toward the end. Enjoy.

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