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Tired of Dog Pissing in Your House? The Potty Patch To the Rescue!

Why people allow dogs to live inside their house is beyond my comprehension. They piss and crap all over the place and if they aren’t doing that, they’re constantly chewing something up. If you’re like me, your dog stays outside all the time. However some might find that a cruel and inhumane alternative for a “member of the family.” Now their is a solution to this problem – The Potty Patch.

The Potty Patch solves the problem of your dog’s crude bathroom habits by allowing them a nice patch of synthetic grass to do their business on. This is of course if you can train them to go in this one spot. Oh and if you don’t mind the smell of urine in your home or possibly a nice steamy pile should they decide to go number 2.

Rather than explain the product any further, here is a video commercial promoting this revolutionary product (note sarcasm).

Much like the Comfort Wipe, I have to file this product as one of the most idiotic products I’ve seen come to market. In all reality if you don’t want dog urine or feces present in the place you call home, make that damn dog go outside – or just don’t have a dog at all.

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