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Armor For Dogs? How About Squirrels As Well!

When I learned that you can buy a suit of armor for your dog, I thought it was ridiculous enough. That is until I saw the same company selling a suit of armor for squirrels. That’s right, I said “squirrels.” And why not? After all, those fury little creatures may fall out of a tree and a good suit of armor can help protect their fall.

Pitbull Armory may be the only company in the world to make armor for squirrels. Sure they offer armor for men and women, even horses. But dogs? And squirrels? C’mon! It is funny though.

Could you imagine the heads you’d turn if you were out for a leisurely walk with your dog and he/she was wearing one of these?

The dog armor will set you back $100 while the squirrel armor goes for about $50.

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