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One Very Detailed “Lost Dog” Note

I’m not sure if what was left on my door a few days ago was a joke or not. It is the most detailed “lost dog” note I have ever seen, so detailed in fact that it is humorous (the note, not that someone lost their dog).

Check it out for yourself.

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Idiot Domino Workers Video Tape Themselves Tainting Food

I am increasingly amazed at what people will do to get their “15 minutes of fame.” People capturing themselves committing criminal activities on video and then posting to sites such as YouTube prove just how stupid they really are. Such is the case for two Domino’s workers who video taped themselves passing gas on salami, stuffing cheese up their nostrils and then using the foul fixins’ in the fast food.

Walgreens Pulls Obama Chia From Shelves

I didn’t even know such a thing existed, that is the Chia Obama, based on the popular Chia Pet products. Well, apparently it does and Walgreens decided to pull the product from its shelves of stores in over concerns that it might offend customers.

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Armor For Dogs? How About Squirrels As Well!

When I learned that you can buy a suit of armor for your dog, I thought it was ridiculous enough. That is until I saw the same company selling a suit of armor for squirrels. That’s right, I said “squirrels.” And why not? After all, those fury little creatures may fall out of a tree and a good suit of armor can help protect their fall.

Small Missouri Town Re-Elects Mayor Who Happens To Be Dead

Voters in the small town of Winfield, Missouri have re-elected their popular mayor to a fourth term, several weeks after he died of a heart attack. Harry Stonebraker died in March at the age of 69, this after ballot papers had been printed and absentee voting in the town of Winfield had begun.

Teens Busted For Arson After Posting Video To YouTube

Maine police are very thankful for the video hosting service, YouTube. Seven teens and young adults have been arrested after a video was posted that showed them setting off Molotov cocktails inside a vacated building. They even included credits at the end of the video naming those involved.