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Stupid Product: Comfort Wipe Butt Wiper

If you are wiping your ass the old fashioned way – with toilet paper in your hand, you my friend are a barbarian. Not to worry as there’s a product that will allow you to become “more civilized” in your bathroom habits. It is called the Comfort Wipe – a toilet paper holder and extension that will help you wipe your ass without having to touch dirty toilet paper.

You might think this is a gag but it is for real. You can order these devices at for just $19.99. And I thought I was pretty advanced in using Charmin and wet baby wipes.

Rather than mock this stupid product any longer, check out the commercial and be amused.

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  1. These work very well too…


  2. These are NOT stupid if you happen to be disabled and unable to wipe in the “Barbaric” fashion!!!!

  3. With your narrow-minded attitude, I hope you never have shoulder or arm surgery, back surgery, arthritis, spinal cord injury or any other condition that would require you to use such a “stupid” product. On the other hand, maybe idiots like you who talk first and think later SHOULD be required to experience a product before stating your opinion. Unfortunately, products like these are necessary for some people — and THANKFULLY, they are available to assist those who need them in maintaining some dignity while losing mobility and independence. BRAVO for this (and others of its kind) STUPID PRODUCT! Raspberries for you who showed yourself as a “STUPID person!”

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  5. OMG, thats so stupid. it really ISNT sanitary becuz what if u get crap on the stick ?

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